Emissions from Aruba facilities

Emissions from Aruba facilities

Judge Mark Greenberg has denied a motion by Aruba Petroleum for a new trial, letting stand the $2.9 million jury award to Lisa and Bob Parr who sued the company after gas and oil wells surrounded their once rural ranch south of Dallas.

Greenberg's one sentence order didn't offer a reason for his decision. It simply said: "Aruba Petroleum's motion for new trial is ... denied."

Aruba spokesman Fred Stern said the company will now take the case to the Texas Court of Appeal.

"The company is disappointed with the trial court's decision to deny its motion for a new trial," Stern said in a prepared statement.

Stern said the company still believes the April verdict was flawed on three substantive issues.

In its motion for a new trial, Aruba contended the Parrs should have lost because they didn't prove they were sickened by emissions from Aruba facilities caused; that the damage award was excessive, and that a juror should have been excluded from the jury because he had a misdemeanor criminal record.

Lisa Parr said the judge's decision was more confirmation that her family has been subjected to unhealthy doses of toxic fumes from the drilling operations that come within 100 yards of their house.

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