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Forklift Parts Abiline - Abilene, a city situated next to the geographic center of Texas, is considered to be "the Future Great City of West Texas" and serves as the county seat for Taylor County. The county presently hosts a population of approximately 120,000 with 115,930 of them residing within the city limits of Abilene. It is conveniently situated adjacent to Interstate 20. The city was established during the month of March, the year 1881 when the Texas and Pacific Railroad was finally finished.

Although the city of Abilene is not fairly as large as various other cities found in Texas, it still provides plenty of dining, lodging, cultural, and shopping opportunities. The city of Abilene is rapidly becoming recognized as a regional center for commerce, distribution, industry, transportation and education.

Abilene, over the years has changed the economy from a cattle-shipping prairie township to a busy metropolis, full of agriculture, military and oil. The breadth of economic diversity that the city offers attracts plenty of determined citizens. The city of Abilene solicits new businesses by offering tax incentives and numerous opportunities.

In the 1980s oil bust, the city of Abilene was the very first city in Texas to create a half-cent sales tax, that helped to finance the economic development.

The city boasts numerous attractions, like for instance: the Abilene Speedway, Mesquite Hill Motocross Park, Abilene Skate Park, Abilene Dragstrip, and the Ball Ranch. Abilene also provides several unique attractions, like The Grace Museum, the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature, 12 Armored Division Memorial Museum, the Center for Contemporary Arts, Prime Time family Entertainment Center, Paramount Theatre, Abilene Ballet Theatre, Cockerell Galleria and Studios, Abilene Community Theatre, Abilene Community Bank, Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra, Abilene Opera Association, the Amy Graves Ryan Little Theatre and the Chorus Abilene.

A few of the other attractions in Abilene are the Dyess Visitor Center Memorial Park, the Abilene Zoo, the Buffalo Gap Historic Village, and Abilene State Park. In the city there are over 25 parks which take up a total of around 1,246 acres.

The is a vast variety of animals housed at the Abilene Zoo, somewhere in the vicinity of several hundred animals. Throughout the year, the Zoo offers several summer courses and educational programs. They even have some special events which happen from time to time. Some of the newer attractions consist of a cougar exhibit, a Black Rhino exhibit and a Southern American maned Wolf Exhibit. The backyard area of Elm Creek would house several animals such as otters, armadillos and skunks that have been found locally.

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