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Forklift Parts Lubbock - Lubbock City is situated in the heart of the South Plains within northwest Texas and presently has a population of about 212,000. Permian Basin lies to the south and the Texas Panhandle is north of the city. The elevation of the city is 3,256 feet.

Lubbock is a name that came from the previous Texas Ranger and Civil War Confederate, Thomas S. Lubbock. During this time Francis R. Lubbock, his brother, served as the governor of Texas.

In 1876, the county of Lubbock was formed, even though the present-day city wasn't founded until 1890. The settlement of Lubbock was formed by the amalgamation of Old Lubbock and Monterey, which were two separate settlements in the county. During 1891 the city of Lubbock was called the county seat and the city of Lubbock was incorporated on March 16, the year 1909.

The rail service was established shortly after Lubbock was incorporated. Agriculture grew along with the development of the railroads. The area soon became the county's marketing center. As such they were called the "Hub of the Plains."

Lubbock City continued to develop because more chances were presented, including the opening of the Texas Technological College during the year 1925, which provided a significant boost to the economy of the city. The impact of the Great Depression were countered by the development of a couple of military training bases during WWII. The cities population grew quickly after the war ended. All through the '40's, the growth rate was next to Albuquerque all over the entire country.

On May 11,the year 1970, the city went through its worst tragedy in the form of a tornado. This resulted in 26 fatalities and has been considered one of the strongest tornadoes in history. It caused over $135 million in damages across more than three square miles of Lubbock City. In addition to the repairs carried out on the damaged buildings, they built the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center as a tribute to individuals who were victims of this devastating natural disaster.

Lubbock's economy is still based mostly on agriculture, with supplemental income which comes from different manufactured facilities. The economy of Lubbock has continued to become diversified within particular fields, that comprise government, retail trade, education, and health care. The agricultural industry draws in around $22 billion dollars yearly with cotton being the main crop. Cotton is not only a profitable commodity. It likewise provides help so as to support other companies, including gins, compresses, a denim plant, oil, cottonseed meal, lint and several processing facilities.

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