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El Paso Forklift Parts - Situated in the middle of the desert in between the Rio Grande and the Franklin Mountains, the city of El Paso has been able to keep the rustic western town appeal while maintaining its status as a main cultural, economic, and financial hub.

In the city of El Paso, there are three major school districts; The EI Paso Independent School District, the Ysleta Independent School District, and the Socorro Independent School District. The city of El Paso has in its school districts, 101 public elementary schools, 33 middle/junior high schools, 22 high schools, 8 specialty schools, 3 adult learning centers, and two alternative schools. There is likewise an international language school, an academy of science and technology, an entrepreneur center and an early childhood center. There are 50 private schools and over 25 parochial schools within El Paso City. Some of the private schools within this region are famous for their academic quality and have been recognized as the country's best. A couple of schools that have been given the prestigious Blue Ribbon award are St. Clement's Episcopal Parish School and Loretto Academy. There are two other private schools in the city of El Paso which offer specialized academic, technical or mechanical education.

In the regions of Juarez and El Paso, there are two main educational centers. These are known for their academic diversity to help ensure that the students become more well-rounded people. The most prominent institutions in the region are New Mexico State University, the University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso Community College and the University of Phoenix. In addition to these schools, there are some other excellent options like for example Howard Payne University, the University of Phoenix, Webster University, and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso.

The economy with the city is mainly based off of international trade due to its nearness to the border of Mexico. It is amongst the largest sources of work in the area. Roughly half of the top 20 companies are government-related, like for instance the United States Department of Justice. Another vital trade for the economy of El Paso is manufacturing. The textile and apparel business which El Paso City used to be renowned for is presently going through a downturn, although production of electronics, computers and rubber and plastic products continue to increase. Over the years, several Fortune 500 companies have worked out of the city of El Paso.

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