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Drum Clamp

Drum Clamp

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Drum Clamp - Forklifts are actually used to lift, move and store things placed on pallets. For businesses which make use of drums, they usually require an attachment to be able to handle lifting, moving and storing them. There are some various attachments which a company can utilize for all of your drum moving, storing and lifting requirements. These attachments are particularly utilized to deal with drum containers - therefore there is no risk of damage to the product or drum container when they are lifted, stored or moved.

Drum Positioner And Grab
The drum positioner can be utilized in order to load and unload drums off of drum stands, vehicles and racks. These are offered in three or four tine models. This accessory is totally automatic, thus allowing the the one operating it to operate all from the comfort of the lift truck seat. Able to move large and extra large plastic drums, steel, its capacity is 210 liters. This accessory is meant for drum pyramid stacking.

The drum grab can be mounted to the forks, with a designed purpose of dealing with metal drums that have rolling hoops. Though the original purpose for the design was to deal with steel drums with rolling hoops, the drum grab could help accommodate plastic drums too. Drum capacity maximum is 220 liters for plastic barrels and 210 for steel drums with rolling hoops.

The Rotator
The drum rotator is a forklift accessory that mounts on to the blades themselves. The objective of the drum rotator is to be able to pick up the drum and turn it upside down. The drum fits in to the rotator using a steel clamp which fits over the middle of the drum. The rotation is executed by either a crank handle or a continuous loop chain. The crank handle is utilized for operations which take place beneath shoulder level. For operations that must occur over shoulder level, the continuous circle chain will be utilized.

The drum tines are carriage mounted or simple fork accessories. They are utilized for unstacking and stacking 210-liter metal drums. Stacking involves nothing elaborate, only simple horizontal positioning of the drums. The carriage-mounted attachments decrease the load center of the drums.

Automatic Tongs
Drum tongs are accessible both semi-automatic and automatic models which can be utilized in the open topped and tight head steel drum kinds. The drum tongs could also be attached several different ways to the lift truck. One method is to connect them under a fork-mounted hook. One more way is to connect them to a carriage mounted jib or a fork-mounted jib. Both the semi automatic and the automatic have a drum capacity of 210 liters. With the automatic, there is no need for the person operating it to ever leave the seat of the forklift.

Rim Grip Handler
The Rip Grip Drum Handler is the optimal option for forklift attachments, when there is a necessity to stockpile drums with limited area obtainable. This attachment can be utilized on either one hundred twenty liter and two hundred ten litter drums. The Rim Grip Handler works by utilizing metal jaws so as to hold the rim of the drum. It lifts the drum and puts it down without requiring any space between all the drums. The typical unit in the industry is a zinc-plated handler, even though, this attachment comes accessible in stainless steel for the food and drink market.

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