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Fork Extension for Forklift

Fork Extension for Forklift

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Forklift Fork Extensions - Lift truck extensions are a great option when you find you need to reach further than your standard forklift will allow. Moreover, if you find that a load exceeds over what you can securely raise on your forklift, an extension could help you carry out your job safely.

Increasing Lift Truck Productivity

Lift truck extensions offer the added support and capacity considered necessary whenever lifting long pallets, containers or very heavy loads. Also, the extensions add more length to the forks that helps the person operating it to be able to reach increased distances. Making use of forklift extensions truly saves a company the requirement to acquire separate machinery so as to complete the task. This could save probably thousands of dollars while adding more efficiency and productivity options making use of the machinery you already have.

Several of the fork extensions will simply slip overtop of the forklift blades. Extensions can be purchased in order to fit forks with widths from 4-6 inches. It is really important that you gauge the extensions to be certain of a proper fit. Knowing that extensions have an inner width that is half an inch wider as opposed to the size stated is paramount to making sure the accurate fit. Whenever purchasing your extension size, make certain it is equivalent to your blade's width. For instance, if you have blades that are 6 inches wide, you will make use of an extension that is 6 inches wide.

OSHA Standards

There is safety standards established by OSHA that standardize the length of extension which you can use. According to the guidelines, extensions are not able to be longer than fifty percent of the original blade length. Following those rules will help to maintain a safe operation. A yellow powder coat finish is added to the metal lift truck extensions to be able to avoid rust. The two most common sizes for lift truck extensions in the trade are 60" and 72", although, various lengths are existing.

Securing Mechanism

There are two separate securing systems existing. The first alternative connects the extensions onto the lift truck with one pull pin. The next and safer alternative is the safety loop which is welded on and offers a more secure attachment of the extension. The forklift extensions are offered in both non-tapered or tapered for the majority of pallet and container loads. Triangular extensions are utilized whenever transporting cylinder loads.

Cylinder Loads

Cylinder loads consist of coils drums or pipes. The extensions made to fit cylinder loads are typically constructed of steel and could be built to fit blades up to 2" thick and are 4" to 5" in width. Fixed in place using a locking bar, they slip off and on with no trouble. Triangular extensions vary in length from 54" to 60".

Safety Measures

It is at all times a great plan to utilize safety precautions when handling any type of industrial machinery and forklift extensions are no different. Checking your forklift extensions before use is also a great routine to get into. When the extensions have been positioned onto the lift truck, the attaching mechanism should be double checked too. Personal injury or damage to the load can take place if the extensions were to become unfastened and fall off. Adhering OSHA regulations will also help to ensure the safety of the operator as well as those working nearby.

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